The Heritage Libraries of the City of Paris
In addition to its 55 lending libraries throughout all the arrondissements, the office of libraries, reading and multimedia spaces, the headquarters of cultural affairs of the City of Paris, is also responsible for seven heritage libraries and two heritages treasuries housed by lending libraries.  

Exhibit:  on the theme  of:  “Paris over time,” or, over five hundred years of history, a selection documents representing a wealth and diversity of rare and precious treasuries:  bindings, incunables, antiquarian books, musical partitions, plans, etchings, photographs, record sleeves, newspapers and revues, painted tissues and papers, manuscripts, posters, commercial catalogues, animated books, objects, etc.   
Heritage Libraries:
Bibliothèque historique de la Ville de Paris
Hôtel de Lamoignon, 24, rue Pavée - 75004 Paris

Bibliothèque administrative de la Ville de Paris
Hôtel de Ville, 5, rue Lobau - 75004 Paris

Bibliothèque Forney
Hôtel de Sens, 1, rue Figuier - 75004 Paris

Bibliothèque Marguerite-Durand
79, rue Nationale - 75013 Paris

Bibliothèque des littératures policières
48-50, rue du Cardinal Lemoine - 75005 Paris

Médiathèque musicale de Paris
Forum des Halles, 8, porte Saint-Eustache - 75001 Paris

Bibliothèque du cinéma François-Truffaut
Forum des Halles, rue du cinéma - 75001 Paris

Bibliothèque de l’Heure joyeuse, Fonds historique de littérature pour la jeunesse
6/12, rue des Prêtres Saint-Séverin - 75005 Paris

Bibiothèque du tourisme et des voyages
c/o Bibliothèque Trocadéro, 6, rue du commandant Schloesing - 75016 Paris
Specialized Editors:
Éditions des Cendres
Maison d’édition fondée en 1981. Quelques 150 titres disponibles au catalogue en 2007 (arts graphiques, bibliophilie, histoire et curiosités littéraires).
8, rue des Cendriers, 75020 Paris. T. 01 43 49 31 80
Specialized workshops:
Atelier Mérat-Auger. Typographe Editeur.
37-41, rue Louise Weiss, 75013 Paris

Editor/printer. Limited edition titles, artists’ books, prints.  Hand set lead typographic composition.  Character font foundry. Typographic printing and zincographics.   

Atelier Pons. Lithographies originales sur presse à bras.
6, rue des Lions-Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris.
Printing of original lithographs on stones, drawn by artists in the Marais workshop since 1938. Creation and manufacture of illustrated books.

Debates and Round Tables:
Preservation and promotion of written heritage
with Frederik Reitz, editor in chief of the Magazine du Bibliophile and the representatives of the Archives de France and the Director of Books and Reading 

Les Bibliothèques patrimoniales de la Ville de Paris / Heritage Libraries of the City of Paris
Presentation of the establishments and collections by their conservators.

Internet and commercial activities

Internet and Books
with Christophe Alix, journalist for Libération

Manuscripts:  an affordable passion or inaccessible luxury? 
Debate headed by Jean-Pierre Guéno, Editorial Director of Radio France

« I love you. » Exhibit conceived and made possible by Jean-Pierre Guéno, Editorial Director of Radio France, images created by Jérôme Pecnard, produced with the contest of the Phil@poste and the Groupe La Poste for the occasion of the Fête du Timbre et de l’Ecrit 2007 (Celebration of the Stamp and Writing 2007). 150 letters tell the story of love letters from 1905 - 2005.

The Quartet from 3 Continents
Created in Latin America in 2005, the Quartet from 3 Continents is one of the star groups of the Paris Chamber Music Festival.  Programme:  Mozart and Schumann.