EXHIBITION : The love of a leaf. A literary portrait of Les Treilles.
Although she always remained modestly behind her work, to which she never sought to attach her name, Anne Gruner Schlumberger (1905-1993) was a visionary in the fields of art, architecture, landscape, education, science and the support of creativity in all its forms. Remarkable as much for her own creativity as for the scope and diversity of her work, the founder of Les Treilles created a place of confluence and exchange between all the activities that fascinated her. 
At the turn of the 1980s, she created the Fondation des Treilles in the Haut-Var region of France, a "Virgilian place" dedicated to research and the arts. This 300-hectare agricultural estate features forests and landscapes redesigned by landscape architect Henri Fisch, and over fifteen houses built or restored by modern movement architect Pierre Barbe.
Since 1981, the Foundation has welcomed international research teams from all academic fields for seminars and interdisciplinary study visits. To support up-and-coming research, it awards annual prizes to doctoral and post-doctoral students. Its creative activities include residencies for authors (since 2008), photographers (since 2011) and composers (since 2023), a prize to support the publication of a photographic book in partnership with printer Escourbiac (since 2023), and a Master Class for young opera singers: L'Académie de la Voix (since 2017).
The Fondation des Treilles also stands out for its art collection - which it regularly exhibits in France and abroad - and its libraries and literary manuscript collections. In 2008, it created the Centre d'études littéraires André Gide - Jean Schlumberger (CAGJS), dedicated to the study of the literary, scientific and artistic movements of the first half of the twentieth century. In partnership with the Catherine Gide Foundation, it awards an archive prize and hosts researchers studying these holdings.
To describe the Les Treilles libraries is to draw a literary portrait of its founder. Indeed, books occupy a special place at the heart of the foundation, "fostering and supporting the exchange of ideas and insights between disciplines, or reflection on them" (Anne Gruner Schlumberger).
Documentary resources
The Grande Maison library
The nerve center of the estate, the Grande Maison houses a general library of almost 20,000 volumes, covering all the major disciplines and enriched by regular acquisitions and donations during  seminars and study visits hosted over the years. 
The André Gide-Jean Schlumberger Centre's literary holdings
Essentially literary, the Centre's holdings include numerous novels, journals and newspapers, notes, notebooks and correspondence from the Jean Schlumberger cabinet, the study center's documentary core, enriched in 2008 by the acquisition of the collection of a former director of the Gallimard Archives, and in 2013, 2015 and 2017 by donations from the Catherine Gide Foundation and additional acquisitions. Together, they form a body of documentation that is particularly representative of a highly fertile period for French and European letters.
Modern and contemporary art collections
Composed essentially of exhibition catalogs or private collections, monographs and books by artists often collected and helped by Anne Gruner Schlumberger, such as Max Ernst, Brauner, Giacometti, Laurens, or Lalanne... The art collection was enriched in 2019 by a donation from Danièle Giraudy, former curator of the Les Treilles collections. This collection covers a period from the 1950s to the present day.
The Pertus photographic collection
Initiated when the Prix Résidence for photography was created, this collection includes specialist magazines, works on the technique and history of the medium, as well as collections published by the great names in photography, and the various publications of the prize-winners.
The Enfantina collection
In the United States, the founder discovered the importance of local libraries in the daily lives of children, and on her return to France she decided to set up an architecturally unusual structure in the heart of the low-income housing estate of Clamart. Built on behalf of the association La Joie par les livres (founded in 1963), this library is intended to facilitate children’s access to reading, and thus to culture, by providing them with varied and quality works.

This innovative model was repeated in Greece, where Anne Gruner set up 24 children's libraries in disadvantaged areas.

The Enfantina des Treilles collection includes some of the finest works in the history of children's literature: novels, albums and documentaries published from the early 20th century to the 1980s.
Fondation des Treilles
90 rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris
705 chemin des Treilles, 83690 Tourtour
Bibliothèque Barjeantane  © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
Bibliothèque Barjeantane © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
Bibliothèque Barjeantane  © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
Bibliothèque Barjeantane © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
Bibliothèque de la Grande Maison  © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
Bibliothèque de la Grande Maison © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
La Grande Maison  © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
La Grande Maison © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
Sphères de Takis  © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
Sphères de Takis © Fondation des Treilles - Dominique Laugé
Stand D10
Present in the heart of the city since the middle of the 16th century, the bouquinistes (second-hand booksellers) on the quays have become as important a symbol of Paris as Notre-Dame or the Eiffel Tower, in the eyes of Parisians, provincial and foreign tourists alike. 
These 230 open-air booksellers are a cultural exception like no other. 
The international cultural and media uproar caused in July 2023 by the decision to erase them from the landscape of the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games demonstrated just how much they were part of everyone's DNA. It took the arbitration of the President of the Republic, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, on February 12th to put an end to this insane idea!
During the seven months we spent fighting for the non-displacement of our boxes, there were countless expressions of love and support for our cause from groups all over the planet. Starting with SLAM and all its members, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts!
To bear witness to this tremendous momentum, this year the Association culturelle des Bouquinistes des quais de Paris has chosen to exhibit all the drawings created in support of our cause throughout the conflict by members of the Papiers Nickelés association. 
Created twenty years ago, this heritage magazine, study and documentation on drawings printed on paper, welcomes all researchers, critics, historians, professionals and enthusiasts interested in illustration, comics, humor and news cartoons, posters and advertising, prints and imagery. We cover every country (some thirty correspondents), every era and every style, with no hierarchy and the utmost eclecticism.
It has chosen, with a great deal of humor to come to our defense graphically, as we are, among other reasons, a major source of discoveries for all its members! All these works (which should be the subject of a book) will be presented on our stand.
We look forward to seeing you there! 

Bouquinistophilically yours,
Jérôme Callais 
President, Association culturelle des bouquinistes de Paris 
Facebook : les bouquinistes des quais de Paris 
Les bouquinistes des quais de Paris 2
Everything you always wanted to know about antiquarian books but were afraid to ask.
The Fair is open to both experienced bibliophiles and novice enthusiasts, and a stand offering an introduction to bibliophily will be open to visitors throughout the event. SLAM booksellers will be on hand to answer any questions new collectors may have, to help them make their first purchase and to share their expertise and passion. The books on offer in this area are carefully selected by the exhibitors for their interest and low price.
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