a virtual Rare book fair for Grand Palais Éphémère

a selection of exceptional and fascinating items,
available 24 hours a day throughout the duration of the fair
This year, the Rare Books and Fine Art Fair will have its own virtual interface: the e- Livres Rares! From September 24 to 27, this virtual fair will present to visitors selected items, carefully selected and described for the fair by the exhibitors. All booksellers are members of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers and adhere to a strict code of ethics. They thus offer collectors and enthusiasts the best possible guarantees of authenticity and expertise in their fields.. 
Each exhibitor will have his own space, accessible from Friday, September 24, at 11:00 am, at the time of the opening of the fair. From 3 to 18 items per stand will be offered. You will just have to contact the exhibitor to have more details, or to reserve a book. Easily. Directly

Continue your visit of the fair at home! 24 hours a day, you will be able to consult the exhibitors' catalogs and see what you may have missed in the hallways of the Grand Palais Éphémère! On site, a self-access area will be available to help you navigate the virtual fair and encourage you to continue your visit from home.  New items will be added every day.  If nothing will replace the pleasure of book-hunting in the fair's alleys, the virtual stands will allow you not to miss the rare pearl!

Above all, it will offer visitors from abroad and all those who cannot be in Paris to browse the spaces and visit the selection of each exhibitor. For the first time in the history of ILAB international fairs, a hybrid fair will be offered: the real fair is not just a real fair, and the virtual fair is not just a virtual fair!​​​​​​​

59 booksellers are waiting for you online!   
The booksellers who are actually exhibiting at the Grand Palais Éphémère have their booth number indicated. 
You will be able to meet them in person and discover their catalogs and the hundreds of other books they are exhibiting!
Librairie Koegui (E8) | Shapero Rare Books (D22)Librairie Benoît Guilbert (K5)Librairie Intermède (D12) |  Hugues de Latude (K5) |  Librairie Walden (C18) | Librairie Camille Sourget (F2) | Librairie Anne Lamort (J2) | Florisatus Fine Books (E5) | Librairie Pierre Castagné  (F11)Le Manuscrit Français (D16) | Librairie Trois Plumes (E12) | Ségolène Beauchamp (E1)| Librairie-Galerie Emmanuel Fradois (E22) | Les images de Marc (E20) | Librairie Henri Vignes (B16) | Librairie Champavert (I5) | Librairie L'Encrivore (G7) |  Librairie Patrick Hatchuel (F14) | Alexis Lenin Livres Anciens (E7) | Livres de A à Z (K5) | Max Neidhardt Libraire (D11) | Galerie Martinez (F5) | Michael Steinbach Livres Rares (C24) | Librairie le Feu Follet (J18) | Librairie Ancienne Denis (C4-C6) | Librairie Ancienne Clagahé (F24) | Sur le Fil de Paris (D18) | Actualités (K5) | Autographe des siècles (F1) | Librairie Paul Jammes (F26) | Librairie Raphaël Thomas (B22-C9-C11) |  Autographes Le Passé Présent (C12) | Földvári Books (G9-G11) | Librairie Jean-Baptiste de Proyart (E10) | Galerie Stéphane Brugal (H1) | Ingert (C5) | JF Letenneur Livres rares (B24) | Librairie Ancienne Jean-Marc Dechaud (E18) | Librairie Florence de Chastenay (B20) | Librairie Giard (H2) | Librairie La Basse Fontaine (H2) | Librairie Le Pas Sage (C16) | Librairie-Galerie Emmanuel Hutin (E9) | Peter Harrington (E3-D6) | PY Rare Books (H10) | Sims Reed Ltd (C1-C3) |  Librairie Amélie Sourget (F8)  | Bookvica (D10)  | Alain Brieux (J1) | Librairie Hogier (F14) | Librairie Jean Polak (J8) | Librairie Ormara (D3) | Librería Anticuaria Astarloa (C10) 
and welcome to the exhibitors, who, without being present in the Grand Palais Éphémère aisles, will offer you 18 selected items  : 

Antiquariaat De Roo (Zwijndrecht, NLD) | Sokol Books (London, UK) | Bruce McKittrick Rare Books (Narbeth, USA) | Librairie Victor Aizenman (Buenos Aires, ARG) | Librería De Antaño (Buenos Aires, ARG) | Eric Grangeon (Paris, FRA) |  Les Neuf Muses (Paris, FRA) 

Regular booth : 3 items | Premium booth : 18 items