"Become an expert for an hour! a pedagogical area.
As a logical continuation of the "real | fake" exhibition stand at the last edition of the "Objets d'art & rare books" fair, the four partner chambers of experts have joined forces to organize a discovery program for rare, authentic, reissued, real, forgery and fake objects.

This tour in ten stages raises the issues that experts are confronted with. The visitor is subjected to the complexity of identification or expertise of collectibles and works of art.

This tour will present́ in showcases real and fake objects and will be doubled with a specific tour for children. The interest of this double course is to bring in families, to have interactions between generations, to occupy children at the same time as parents, to bring children to realize that a toy they have in their possession today existed in another form previously or that the toy can become a game within the game.

Through this playful approach, it is a matter of raising awareness of both adults and children to our profession of expert through a form of treasure hunt.
A questionnaire | quiz, with a single-use pencil that visitors can take away, will be provided.